The Light Concept of God

Today’s sermon on ‘God is Light,’ courtesy of ‘International Central Gospel Church’ spoke to my heart. This post will review the sermon as basis for my own self process. I will chronicle my notes on the sermon.

Thought 1: God is Absolute Light

As expounded based on 1 John 1:5, God is absolute light with no darkness. The verse predisposes that there is absolute light and absolute darkness. The concept of God as light was established in Genesis 1:3-5, “Let there be Light and there was Light.” Light was spoken into being by God who then separated the light from the darkness and called the light day and the darkness night.

Since light proceeds from the word of God then if God speaks to the mind or the heart, light will enter. God’s word is knowledge which is another light concept. Ignorance may be seen as synonymous to darkness and knowledge, light.  God’s words bring us into goodness and knowledge so in Genesis God, having separated the darkness from the light saw that ‘it was good.’  The thought then is that light should be separated from darkness as he symbolically divided light from darkness since creation.

Thought 2: Jesus is the Light of the World

Jesus declared that ‘I am the light of the world’ among other representations of his divinity. The light has transcended to the Son and Redeemer who was from the beginning and forever will be. Christ therefore comes to “bring life more abundantly,” not death. Light supports and represents life while darkness supports and represents destruction and death. The concept of light may therefore be viewed as being synonymous to life and knowledge from a biblical perspective. Therefore, actions that seek to destroy life or hide or misrepresent truth or knowledge may  be perceived as being not of the light but of the darkness. God is light and Jesus is the way to light, life, truth, love and all that is good (The Gospels).

Thought 3: We are the Light of the World

Those who believe and receive the word through Jesus are also called children of the light in the same way those who seek darkness are children of darkness. As stated in the gospel, “you are the light of the world…. let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify thy Father who is in Heaven.”

Children of the light should choose good over evil or light over darkness in all things. The light of the world should be like ‘a city set upon a hill that cannot be hid.’ Light provides revelation of God to the world. Ignorance should not be an option for the believer. The more intense the light, the less is the darkness. As stated by the Minister, if something is not lined up with the truth of God, it is of darkness or a lie. As God is light, Christ is light and the children of God are the light of the world representing their creator and redeemer who personify light.

Luke 8:16 admonishes that we should not put our light under the bushel, basket or mat but on a lamp stand so it can shine. The bushel, a vessel used to establish a standard measure adds a bit more to the idea of the light going out because it is hidden. It augurs that if the light is put under the measure approved by the world the light can suffocate and eventually go out. The world should not dictate what the light should be or do because the children of light are the God given light of the world who should spread their lights into the dark areas of this world. How can we shine our light in a world without getting dizzy by the world’s distractions? Today we can choose be destructive towards self and others or live in darkness or we can choose to do good and live as children of the light with our light shining from the lamp stand of our hearts. Like the Psalmist we can let God’s words be a light unto our paths or we can choose to be dazzled and lived in spiritual darkness. Do we choose darkness which brings hurt and death or do we choose life.

I pray my little self indulgence may ignite the light in someone today, Amen.

Melva Davids

February 14, 2016