The Word for Today: 1 Peter 3:18

In the beginning was the Word. The Word is the Alpha and Omega-the beginning and the the end. This is relevant today with systems failing around us.

The Bible as a point of reference was once the manual by which the world was ordered and understood. Notice the word ‘world’ without ‘l’ gives us ‘word.’ In the beginning and ending of the manual we see clearly who is referred to as ‘the Word.”

Today, many of us are far removed from its teachings, however, as a point of reference, it provides us with both understanding and divine solutions to the myriads of negative encounters humans face daily. Are the physical solutions and systems by themselves working today? I would think (based on my own observation and experience), that only those solutions rooted in love are bearing fruits right now. What do you think? Anyway, it is really important that we start the day with spiritual guidance rooted in light and love.

Today, I want to share just a few words of encouragement from my own reflection this morning. You may read the whole chapter of 1 Peter 3 to understand the full context of these words. My central message though is there is hope and a deeper understanding for people who are being oppressed unjustly by forces that operate out of pure evil; under the influence of deceit, darkness and invisibility. If you read these words and can identify, just remember who the Light of the World is, and who the Word represents. Also, remember who you are in Christ as ransomed member of God’s kingdom.

Here goes:

For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust that He might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit.”

Many of you have been or are going through unspeakable, incomprehensible events, but the words today remind us that such suffering may indeed bring death to the flesh or that which is worldly and carnal. and as such may allow us to be quickened by the Spirit. Remember, God is spirit who created us in His image. Your pain and suffering must open your consciousness to see that something bigger must be at stake for the vicious attacks on you and humanity.

The human factions that attacked the flesh of Christ on that day probably had no idea of what was at stake in the spiritual realm. They saw Him as a threat to their physical kingdom on earth at that time. Had they known His purpose to redeem fallen mankind; they would have probably worked to keep him alive in the flesh. The spirits of revenge and dominion behind their actions are still at work against humanity in 2018.

We are spiritual being with earthly bodies but have become blinded in consciousness of self. The limited senses and carnal vision conditioned by our worldly systems of reality have conditioned us to respond within this limited vision of our reality by way of what we see, hear, smell, touch and taste or what is touted in science as hard facts. We ignore our God given spiritual senses that could have averted some of our sufferings had the Spirit been quickened in us much earlier.

The words remind us that Christ himself suffered unjustly not for something He did, but for the sins of mankind, even those who sought after His flesh. His physical flesh was put to death by people who perceived Him from this carnal perspective of being just a man or flesh. If they had a good sense of whom they were as humans, they would have understood the purpose of Him dwelling among men; they would probably have sought to keep him here in the flesh and protect him from death.

People today are still missing the point that humans are spirits held in individual bodies which is the temple of God- the creator who breathed life itself into His creation. They who were made in the image of God (whose breath was put into Adam for him to become a living soul) and who were redeemed unto Him by the death of Christ (who through this act, overcame darkness in the realms of spirits and on this earth)- have reduced their consciousness to that of being just flesh.

The parting word is that though you suffer unjustly, like Christ, it should quicken you in the Spirit to become who you truly are. It will empower you to reject this script of unjust dominion, deceit and suffering as the way God intended this world to be when He created it and saw that it was ‘good.’ Praise be to God, the Father Almighty for suffering in our stead. I will leave a few more words from this scripture for you to ponder throughout your day. Thank you.

For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and his ears are opened unto their prayers; but the face of the Lord are against them that do evil. Verse 12

Here is a poem written some years ago that embodies who you really are. Hope it lightens your spirit today.

More Than

A spirit trapped in bones and flesh, tendons and muscles. A complex network of breathing cells, sinews and veins- a vessel.

Yet, I am more than curves, smiles and curls. More than brain and gain. I am an old soul made in His image
A soul who cradles love
as the spiritual clutch
to the seat of my being.
A vehicle of amorous peace.



Much of today's world has experienced what I will call fractured realities. As a result of the conditioning tools of education, religion, mainstream media and other agencies, realities that do not add up have shaped thought processes in Western societies. As we mature and with each positive or negative experience, we seek out a journey of renewal, truth and clarity to help us own our thinking. Lampstand2016 represents my note-taking as I seek my own truths and sense making, starting with the Bible. You may join me on this quest for meaning, renewal and personal truths.

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