Adaptation and the Ideal Habitat for the Spirit Man

Organic Man as Spirit in a Body

The earth is God’s heart, the jewel of all his creation. Earth’s order did not come from a big bang or natural selection but from a divine plan. The problem with a scientific explanation of man’s existence is that science assumes an explanation of human as body or flesh-what eyes can see. Are humans really just embodiment of skin, flesh, organs, bones, cells and blood? These are the components that scientists mostly consider in explaining human as existential beings. Other perspectives may include the psychological aspects of a person to include theories of consciousness and intelligence alongside physical attributes.

All thinking people should realize that the core of one’s being is internally experienced and cannot be segmented inside a laboratory to understand “personhood.” ‘Simply put we are spirits encased in earthly bodies. The person is inside the body as explained at the account of creation in the Book of Genesis. It is prudent to say that the description of the earth’s creation in the Bible is more scientifically sound than any theory of evolution or big bang theory. In addition, to understand the created we must understand the power of words as spoken at creation as well as the scientific concept of adaptation of different species to diverse environments and even the behaviors of invasive species from alien environments. Creationism as a scientifically sound and possibly the only logical precept will be considered in today’s writing.

    According to the Bible, Earth’s original protectors were given specific instructions to be fruitful and ‘replenish’ this earth. In return, the earth would provide for and sustain those occupying the land. The word ‘replenish’ insinuates that unlike long held view that humanity and life on Earth began with the creation in Genesis, that creation was a re-establishing of life on Earth. The word ‘replenish’ suggests ‘making plentiful again.’ It was important for people to live in harmony with Earth and the Creator who commanded Earth into being using the commands, “Let us make ….” to speak life into his creation. We too should command life into our situations.

According to this account, God used the richness of the soil or humus to hew or mold a container to hold that part of him that he shared with his creation, human. God, the spirit breathed into the body made from the soil and the man became ‘a living soul.’ God puts his spirit in man to make man in his ‘own image.’ Also, the Bible relates how God later came to earth to live among men and draw them back to him. He did not come as spirit but needed a body to stay earthbound with his created. Spirits are heaven bound. They exist as air, unseen but can be discerned or felt. To materialize for any length of tme, they need bodies. God in the physical likeness of man came as the Son of God, an extension of himself so he and mankind could relate on an earthly level. God loves us despite our proclivity to sin and rebel against him.


Is the shell of an egg, the egg or is the egg or real life what’s inside the egg? If we need to fetch water we first get a container to put the water. We may see the container but must look inside to find the represented life; the water within it. Likewise, God prepared a container to house his spirit that gave life to the soul of his creation. If a cylinder or balloon- type container is not available to hold gaseous substances, they would become airborne. Similarly, if the plan was that mankind were to remain on earth and tend it, they needed bodies made of earthly materials to keep their spirits contained and earthbound. The principle of adaptation dictates that lifeforms should be able to easily adapt to their environment to survive. It goes without saying that if the Holy Spirit is not occupying the human body, other spirits will fill empty containers. They need bodies to experience earth on long term basis. With that said, engage your spiritual being to figure out the craziness on earth now and fight back as the spiritual being that you are.

Let’s get back to the idea of the scientific base of creationism and reclaim our souls and spirits from the destroyer and his real legions whom the scriptures say, ‘come to kill, steal and destroy.’ God only needs to say the words and your spirit and soul will be restored unto him inside your birth body. He will restore your soul even if it’s been taken. Your body is not you, what’s inside is who you are. You act based on the source of the spirit or spirits you are dragging around. Your soul is what you became after the divine breath was placed inside you. No one should torture you to take it from you. That is theft in the courts of heaven! God gave you the choice to say yes or no to him but Satan’s kingdom does not understand that concept. ‘He came to kill, steal and destroy.’ However, ‘if you resist the devil, he will flee.’

Earth now seems far removed from the intended harmony between the natural, social and divine ecology established at Creation. Whenever an invasive plant enters an ecosystem, it leaves telltale marks of its desecrating characteristics. The new species would expand like wildfire until it chokes the life out of the original indigenous species that originally inhabited the space, be it plant or animal life form that originally inhabited the space.

In the Book of Genesis after that spiritual exchange in the garden of Eden that human became spiritually separated from God and the eyes became open to evil. From other Biblical sources dreams, food and sex seems to be entry points for spiritual contamination. In the Eden, the fruit was eaten and a portal had opened spiritually that was not of God. Mankind could see and later indulge in the forbidden knowledge of his world. The sibling murder and struggles that followed indicated that evil spirits had open access to the body or temple God created so he could reside in men on earth while in his own habitation as spirit in the heavens.

    The serpent as a shape-shifting form of Lucifer was introduced as the deceitful entity that enticed Eve into disobedience by appealing to the ego and mankind’s desire to have access to hidden knowledge. We can agree that immortal beings are capable of changing forms in response to the energy fields they are in at set moments. Today, we see this haughty spirit in the many secret societies influencing human decisions from seats of power. What spirits are in occupation of bodies involved in manipulation of God’s creation and this earth throughout history as we know it? In both accounts of heavenly being contaminating the Adamic bloodline, they first sought out the female species who was created from the rib of the man as the points of contact. We need to return our men to their rightful roles in the family so they can provide the spiritual coverage for families. We must remember that ‘enmity was set between the seed of the woman and the serpent’ after that first  human entrapment. 

       Recent history of humanity bears ample evidence of the possibility of human genetic contamination that germinated and spread on similar principles of an invasive species. This may have been just spiritual contamination of bloodlines through sin that needs to break free or it could be physical human manipulation by the enemy. One just needs to look at the evolution of world stories or history to see that an invasive malevolent version of the original protectors of Earth and its resources seems to have overwhelmed and even wiped out many nations and people.  Even over the last few decades we were entertained with senseless wars in which civilians were slaughtered unnecessarily. These decisions could only have been propagated from a place where love and God were absent.  It is clear that living harmoniously with mother Earth and its inhabitants does not come naturally nowadays. There is a growing consciousness that conquering, dominating, eliminating and wiping out anything or anyone in the path seem to be strongholds with evil spirits directing assaults against Earth and its inhabitants. Here we are in 2020, at a crossroad where the true color of Earth’s spiritual invaders use racial differences to pit humans against each other. In the grand scheme of things, the ultimate goal seems to be to erase or replace original creation using the knowledge of good and evil that was introduced to humans in Eden.  It is no coincidence that human history is skewed to the extent that the consciousness of Earth’s people has been and is being shredded. We cannot even construe our real identity as spiritual beings or separate the scripted history from human reality.

People have been pitted against each other through money, politics and religion. Religions have become real legions to deceive, manifest greed and murder in the name of having superior rights and even God. For too long, goggles of various ideologies have kept humanity in a  hypnotic state where truth has become an enemy to humanity. People who speak truth are public enemies who are pushed into isolation and mistreatment protocols.

Also, much imitation and desecration of God’s work is taking place in the name of science and technology although these experiments have taken on the personification of seance in laboratories across the globe.. The scripture states, ‘as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the end.’ Genesis 6 and the Books of Enoch give a clear picture of moral and social conditions that led to earth’s reset button having to be activated to secure the bloodline from which Yeshua would have come.

As it is now, knowledge of  good and evil had increased exponentially.  It is said that during the spiritual exchange between a reported two hundred fallen angels and earthly women, heavenly knowledge became pillow talk. Knowledge of astrology,, sorcery and other dark secrets of the heavens were exchanged through the angels who married ‘daughters of men’ -Genesis 6 Sexual exchange between immortal beings and mortal earth people resulted in a hybrid race of giants who supported their appetite by feeding on earth’s population.

   Over the past fifty years some nations of earth have entered  a space age with earth seemingly being ruled from the skies quite openly. Policies may have been drafted in boardrooms  on earth but satellites, drones and bodies off earth seem to facilitate every faucet of earth’s mundane activities through cloud mechanisms and a worldwide web called the internet. Human relationships at every level have transformed creating tensions of varying magnitudes as mankind drifts further away from a spiritual identity with YHWH.

Earth and Humanity

In Genesis where the genetics of humankind was documented, it was said that man was made from the earth (heart) by a loving God who then breathed air into the first man so he became a ‘living soul,‘ not a living body or flesh. Man was then given a woman (womb man) to complete the charge of reproducing and replenishing the Earth. The earth from which the man was formed was commanded to bring forth all manner of life forms to be used by mankind to sustain their own lives. It is here that the divinity of God placed inside Adam was breached through subtle allurement from a serpent who appealed to the ego of mankind by telling the woman that disobeying the Creator’s warning would make them wise. The same allurement is being used now to get people to invoke the wrath of the Creator. I refer to the trans-humanism agenda that promises eternal life, abundance of knowledge through artificial intelligence and improving the physical appearance of individuals. The sale pitch puts scientists in realms of gods or devils. The same voice that said, ‘you shall not die, but your eyes shall be open’ has been busy contaminating the seed of Adam throughout history. What is wrong with this push to hook up all of humanity to Lucifer’s fiddle or technology?

First, humans made in the image of the creator is not just a physical being seen with the naked eyes; the Spirit of God was placed within our genetic makeup at Creation. Man’s soul is not something a physical or spiritual invasive species can touch without permission. Money, a man-made tool is being used to entice, deceive then invade and replace God’s throne in the human body. Many bodies are carrying around non-human spirits within that need to be chased out. The spirit of God will only come back to his seat in his temple if invited and if the temple is put under the cleansing blood of Yeshua, the Christ.. The human heart should be the throne of God on earth. The Messiah is coming back for a spiritual kingdom, not a physical one. In Revelation, the new Jerusalem came down from heaven so notions of building a physical temple should be weighed carefully with scripture. If God’s temple resides in the heart of mankind we would not kill and cause pain, diseases would have no place in us. We need to put aside religiosity and reunite with the creator, one heart at a time. Everything that is being promised through science or technology will fall into place once the true God gets his place in the hearts of men. All things will work together for good to them that love God.

Principle of Adaptability and Creation of Life

In summary, soil, air and water are three raw elements necessary to sustain life. For each element, the life forms that inhabit what I will call its ‘ecosphere’ learn through its genetic code to adapt in a harmonious way to the particles and ecosystem specific to that space. While spirits are air bound, bodies are earth bound or water bound due to adaptation and well designed genetic codes. A techno systems is an environment for machines or technical entities to communicate and work. Earth is the natural habitat for organic body of mankind and the soul and spirit of humans should thrive inside that body; not choked out by technological attachments deceptively termed human enhancement.

Language and Humanity

Words and language are powerful tools of creation as seen in the creation story. Later in the Old Testament, nations and tribes who spoke a single language were separated into the speaking of diverse tongues because mankind’s ego and spirit of loftiness had questionable ideals and imaginations. Not only was the tower of Babel commissioned but the aspiration was for it to reach the heavens. This loftiness of spirit was first seen in Lucifer’s attempted coup in heaven. If we look at earth now, mankind has developed a world language and translation tools that allow humanity to operate in one voice in support of righteousness or evil. . Through an inter-netting of ‘things’ human capacities and capabilities at the center of those ‘things’ are being tubed and netted through technology while the spirit in mankind is put to sleep. God himself has been pushed into the background leaving ninety nine percent of humanity to interact through the internet even when they speak to and of God. We should use this one world language or what is functioning as the new Tower of Babel to speak life into nations, peoples and communities that need hope and light. It should not be used for cursing,conspiring, deceiving or condemning but to bless, enlighten and lift nations.

The techno-sphere environment being created has no place for spiritual organic man to grow and act autonomously in liberty. The internet facilitates artificial intelligence counterparts to collect human data, arrange every aspect of human lives and spew out algorithm to make decisions for humanity. The spirit of allurement that appealed to man’s desire for exclusive knowledge and power in secrecy outside of God has now made us prisoners on our way to our own demise. God can turn this around. Those spirits pushing the anti-human agenda must bow to the name and blood of the risen Messiah.

Habitation of the Heavens and Princes of the Air

Mankind’s quest to conquer and inhabit other worlds in the heavens increases with every new scientific invention. Space tourism, flying cars and setting up Kingdoms in the heavens are some near future ideals of modern mankind. making the human anatomy adapt to other environments are lucrative areas of science being shared on social media. The science of the soul is another grey area that some scientists have become obsessed about. These idle imaginations that a world language facilitates have engendered many abuses to unsuspecting ordinary people with no change in laws to monitor new age abuses. While billions are being spent to dominate the sky or build doomsday bunkers under the earth many nations are in shambles, people are displaced, hungry, homeless or locked away. From a scientific perspective, these are great achievements but the spirit man in tuned with God doesn’t need to drag the spiritual body into the heavens to know power. God is pouring out real power on those who seek him in spirit and truth. The human spirit when connected to God would know that we should enable our natural habitat, the earth and the vulnerable among us instead of waging senseless wars against civilians, jetting off into space or build bunkers underground in anticipation of doom. If we live in the image and wisdom of God we would not be concerned with doomsday or physical death. We have intellectualized every aspect of humanity using our own understanding of who we are as people so much so that we are blinded to things of the spirit.

Daniel prayed to God as he fasted but the response from heaven was delayed because the angel sent to help him had to wrestled with the prince of Persia. Having clear airwaves to ensure ready response from God depends on the traffic in the first and second heavens. The ecosystem of the air allows spiritual beings to hang out there. We were given the tools of scriptures or his words, and access to the heavenly hosts to act on our behalf as well as fasting and prayer for today’s strange world. We need to activate our faith and put on the plate of righteousness in these times. Finally, humans should not adapt to a technological grid without understanding the opportunity cost of doing so. This is especially true at the grass root level where the focus is on getting basic resources for survival. One percent of the world’s population seems to have made and still making decisions on behalf of ninety nine percent without dialogue and seemed to be using deception to further the end game of domination through diabolic alliances with demons and devils who are against mankind’s mandate to protect earth and its creatures.

 Our prayers should always bear in mind that God is always on time even when there are hindrances in divine pathways.

Protectors of the Earth

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