Lampstand2016 was initially intended as a space to reflect on scriptures that resonated on different levels and at different juncture in my life. As I get more grounded in my understanding of the Creator and the Word, I hope to use this space to reconnect and relate intimately with those hidden messages I am yet to unravel in the manual given to guide decisions of humanity.

However, it is not a space for religious banter. So far, I have figured out that God is in the business of relationship and renewing of our minds and spirits. His words give wisdom on how to protect our souls during this age of deception, oppression and manipulation. God has been the buffer in my storms for years on end so this site is in his honor as He untangles and unfolds my journey with him.

Feel free to share any useful post with others and add likes or comments. Be blessed

This site will be more interesting if readers not only read but leave their feedback so we can grow together as one human family. I am trying to figure out the logistics of building this site as I go along so navigation is a bit of a maze for now. Let me know what you think or feel in response to each post and be blessed. Peace.

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