How to Walk

Walking in God’s favor emerges as a process not an instant end point. Having the knowledge of how to walk in and through Christ will be summarized based on the continuance of the sermon on which the post, ‘Concept of God as Light’ was based.

So if God is light and light feeds life, knowledge, truth and all that is good then having knowledge of how to walk is crucial to perfecting this walk  according to the word of God

Thought 1: Walking in the  Light of God

Children of the light will not stumble if ‘God’s words become a lamp unto their feet and light unto their hearts.’ to shed light on all the dark choices and situations faced daily. Believers are appointed light of the world through the spoken divine words of God. As admonished, this light should be placed on a lamp stand not under a bushel so that it can shed light for others to see.

The Lonely Candle

A light at the end of the tunnel
a single candle flickers bright
signalling hope to the dreary.
Without the grip of its stand its beam fades
but this single flicker stands its ground
awaits the shout, ‘ he has come!’
Then this lonely light welcomes a stranger in.

If we let the Holy Spirit into our hearts and minds Light enters to guard and guide the works that originate in our hearts and minds .

Thought 2: Walk in the Knowledge of God

When we walk in the knowledge of God we learn to do things like forgive even our enemies and give even when we have little for ourselves. The knowledge of God enlightens our spiritual darkness.

Thought 3: Walk in and by Faith

When we walk by faith we trust God to do things and our light will show. We walk by faith not by sight, we walk by the Spirit not by the flesh or the carnal mind.The unbeliever who walks by sight is led by the flesh while the believer who walks by faith is led by the Holy Spirit. There are many promises made by the giver of light and life to those who trust in His judgement. For example, there is a simple reminder that no weapon formed against the children of Light will prosper and in 2 Timothy 1:7 they are reminded that God gave them a spirit of love, power and a sound mind. Goodness and mercy are rewards for walking in and by faith. The flesh is subdued and light shines.

Thought 4: Walk in Love

God is love, children of God should let their love shine forth. CHildren of Light understand forgiveness and giving as well as obedience to the Word as demonstration of divinely centered love or agape love.

Thought 5: Walk in Wisdom

We are encouraged to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all things will be added unto us. Also, like King Solomon, in all our getting we should get knowledge. We show wisdom when we manage time like the ants who gather in the Summer in preparation for the Winter when there is scarcity of food. Having a twenty year plan for ones life according to this Minister is a necessity and demonstrates wisdom because we cannot redeem wasted time. We should not waste money on addictions so that we can live a good life even on a low salary. Wisdom is shown when we manage resources, money, relationships, study and prayer time.

These are sobering thoughts on how to walk in the light of God that only some will contemplate. May these thoughts resurrect a stirring in someone’s heart today..

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