Spiritual Disentanglement: Galation 5:1

October 4, 2020

Mankind as Spiritual Beings in a Techno-sphere

Recently, a trending video of a celebrity couple airing their marital infidelity to the world made fashionable the word ‘entanglement” to describe the nature of an unholy union outside of their marriage. Entanglement suggests a state of being tied up to the point where extricating from that situation demands effort on the part of the entangled to bring about disentanglement. Today, I will reflect on disentangling the human spirit from the web of entanglement pervading this techno-world. Galation 5:1 admonishes us:

‘Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.”

Have we become entangled in the rhetoric and glamour of the technocractic age that now drives human activities? The bondage or slavery of our times is not just of a physical nature but a spiritual entanglement. The more technology driven we become, the more worldly and empty of spirit we become as people. As spiritual beings we have traded our spirit, our minds and souls to the enticement of loftiness, shiny objects and bright lights. The sanctity of life and being a good neighbour have become uncool and questionable. The God who made us in his image and the god of this world are separate and apart in this techno-age of progressive ideologies.

The scripture reminds us that if we ‘resist the devil he will flee.’ Satan needs permission from God to attack us as it was when Satan sought to accuse Job. When we sin our accuser, Satan uses our short comings to get legal entry into our lives. How prepared are we to disentangle from the technological bondage that has ensnared this generation? Can humans strike a healthy balance between technology and their spiritual liberty?

We see the encroachment on our spiritual health just by switching on our television screen to be fed diets of fear, distrust towards each other, mayhem in the streets with anger and screams across nations. In Psalm 106:29 we hear what happens when we give way to inventions and practices that go against the spirit that was placed inside of us. It reads: ‘Thus they provoked him to anger with their inventions:and the plague brake in upon them.

Verse 39 states: ‘Thus were they defiled with their own works and went a whoring with their own inventions.

Removing ourselves from the spiritual union with our creator to cleave unto inventions that gradually puts yoke of control on our thoughts and behaviours will separate us from who we are as spiritual beings and from unity with God’s spirit. Verse 40-41 state:

Therefore was the wrath of God kindled against his people, in so much that he abhorred his own inheritance. And he gave them into the hand of heathen; and they that hated them ruled over them.

These words are so reflective of and applicable across many nations today, but there is hope. The scripture tells us to humble ourselves and turn from our wicked ways to hear from heaven and heal the land. This promise is still true today.

Disentangling from Yokes of Entanglement.

According to Genesis, Satan used a fruit to entice naive mankind in the garden. He appealed to the ego or spirit of pride to entrap Adam and Eve into disobedience. Today, the advancement of science through technology has allowed mankind to push many moral boundaries that had infuriated God in similar accounts of his relationship with mankind in the Old Testament. How can we release ourselves from yokes of bondage as individuals during our daily journey? With the inter-netting of things, singularity and human enhancement projects being glamorized and pushed behind the scenes without dialogue or transparency given or sought, how much can ordinary people extricate themselves without divine help? It is clear that most of these projects and inventions are not here to liberate minds and will of people. The data caching and mapping of the past couple of years have left imprint of a hostile take over of someone else’s masterpiece. This earth is God’s heart; his masterpiece. Any tweaking or take over is an illegal act and theft of property. Satan has a legalistic mind and knows he or his host cannot interfere without legal grounds. If we look closely at New Age language emanating to this technological age then we will see that the English as a language is used to say plainly what Satan’s agenda is before it happens. Our spiritual disconnection to God has removed the discernment needed to recognize daily pitfalls.

The ‘con’ ‘trolling’ spirits that ‘controls’ us and gradually pick at our ‘free’ ‘dumb’ tells us we are ‘dumb’ ‘minions’ under the dominion of the gods of this world. We condemn nations because condemnation declares it a tool of superiority. We are enticed with various apps (not a fruit) that really keep tab and add tags as we interface with the internet or world wide web to make life efficient and fast. Hell-o! Whether it is through spoken words or spiritual naivety, there seems to have been legal grounds given in mundane areas of our lives. It is up to each individual to reclaim his or her liberty by reconnecting with the Holy Spirit put in us at birth. Friends, fasting and supplication through prayer and spiritual check up and deliverance can untangle and remove our mountains. While technology can be a good servant, it should not become masters of spiritual beings, us.

How many of us can on your own volition turn off our phones and other gadgets for a week and have personal interactions with people instead? How many would remove personal information, photographs especially of children or delete Facebook or other social media presence and still function socially without unease? How many would permanently disconnect your television from your living room? As horrifying and ridiculous as these suggestions may sound, these might well be some drastic steps to take as part of the spiritual disentanglement process.

Real liberty should reflect levels of autonomy, self determination and an ability to grow in spirit and truth. Being fed by technology and technological decisions is not always compatible to the human experience. Without the Holy Spirit within us we cannot reconcile into God enough to break all new age chains attaching themselves to human lives.

In Deuteronomy 29:48 God warns the Israelite that their enemy will put a ‘yoke of iron’ on them if they failed to live in righteousness.. Corinthian 13:5 asks:

‘Have we brought the yoke of iron upon ourselves?

What yoke are we dragging along with us to weigh down and entangle our spirits. What portals have we unknowingly opened through technology? In first Corinthian 10: 13 God says he would never give us a trial more than we can handle. It is therefore up to us to recognize the entanglements choking our spirit, mind and soul and start the dismantling through the guidance of our creator who made us in his image and favour. He gave us the tools in his words to tear down strongholds and trample upon evil spirits but we need to feed on the Word daily with liberty not entanglement. Have a blessed day with fear under your feet

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