The Old Testament: the Missing Link for Restoring Humanity

In some cultures, sacred books including the Bible are viewed as tools to subdue colonized minds. For example, some historical thinkers believe Western colonizers gave colonized Africans the Bible and as these natives prayed, colonizers shredded local beliefs, language and customs and supplanted their own belief systems, language and dominant cultures as part of their expansionist hold on the inhabitants of these colonies. Controlling human resources (even at the thought level) and physical wealth gleaned from the lands of captured territories were cited the underlying intents of professed missionaries by some historians. Religion and its dogmas as subversive tools have become prevailing thoughts in explaining the spirit and impetus that propelled colonization and enslavement of a continent and people whose only will was to share earth’s gifts with those who arrived as strangers.

Advancement in science, technology and anthropological scrutiny have opened avenues of possibilities to better understand the extent and depth of the utter chaos inflicted internally and externally to dispersed indigenous cultures and settlers during Europe’s pillages across continents. Is there a case for going back to the basics of Godly principles as foundations for putting the world right? What is for sure is that the past still festers many generations after the overt aspects of these atrocities subsided.

For many people, God and the Bible have been usurped by science and its countless capabilities. The irony is that, the more scientifically advanced the world has become, the more dysfunctions our social systems display. Humans as social beings were never meant to become mechanical objects with which to be tinkered or experimented upon. Yet, the distinction between seance and science has become seamless, murky and disconcerting. Although the grand scheme of the great imitator has been hell bent on tinkering with the divinity in humans from the get go, each time iniquity against Adam’s seeds peak, God intervenes and ‘reverse’ then ‘replenish’ his Earth (heart). At this moment, earth is ripe for a reset, not as the world would wish but as the Creator of Earth desires and promises in the declaration that all will become new according to his will for his set apart Kingdom of the New Jerusalem.

Pandemic and Protests 2020

Recent global events including a global pandemic and racial unrests point to the fragility of human social systems. It is the use of technology through media coverage that promoted events as global priorities. Without technology, people would have continued living and facing their challenges head on in private using natural responses and commonsense to address human issues.  Humans would convene and petition their creator as a corporate body. However, the ruler of this Earth have effectively used fear to silence the voices of God’s people with computer generated statistics to justify its grip on the most private aspect of humanity.

Economies are now run from data harvesting super computers to ensure efficiency and central control by unseen hands. Technology is now emerging as tools to enact what is unfolding as the apocalyptic beast system of the Biblical anti-Christ era. With all its perks, use of technology presents challenges to human privacy, safety and liberty, not because of the ability of bots to exclude people from online access and participation in virtual social activities but, also because human factions with an agenda of mass human control of the global population. Details are being perfected to include every human who blindly participates in the plethora of systems hooked up or synced through technology and super computers. Humans will have to look at recent dramatic events to see how this can or will be unfolded with hidden hands and voices behind ‘masks’ of COVID19 offering wholesale solutions outside the divine plan for humanity. As humans offer themselves up to the ultimate enslavement, replacement, displacement, abandonment or culling of humanity, let us declare that the spirit man will arise and reclaim his vessel all over the world. Let us entreat God to arise and fight till the enemies of mankind are scattered and shattered. Again ‘occupiers’ at the spiritual level are dictating human experiences and journeys by force from within bodies while those with discernment of their agenda, network and deceit are ridiculed, isolated then besieged, e-tagged or gated and even convenient casualty of a contrived but deep evil (live, vile) virus carrying out agendas of the devil (lived).

The Bible beseeches mankind that due to the lack of knowledge God’s people perish. The scripture reminds us that as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the end. Genesis 6 sets the background to an invasive species arising out of an ungodly union between watchers from above and the ‘daughters of mankind’ who bore hybrid giants who became a threat to human existence until God stepped in and used Noah’s family to replenish Earth with Adam’s seed. Revelation 13 gives a clear account of the ultimate source of the live evil of today; the dragon who gives life to the invading beast system. Humans have drifted so far from their spirit-u-al core though for many, little can be done since they have relinquished even the smallest detail of their being to this beast system and its operators. Humans have even felt obliged to create graven (dead) images with artificial intelligence (AI) capacity and some in the likenesses of the creator or sculptor. Humans even felt obliged for these images to learn about humans’ to fully imitate the Creator of Earth. For example, a Japanese professor featured on YouTube, created an AI version of himself to teach his students and actually argued that humans ‘think they are too important’ and that his constructed image had a ‘soul.’ We have seen the robot Sophie

At another level science has gone into the realm of cloning other life forms while mixing and matching across species and meddling with human blood, genome and DNA. Truly seance and science are now shaking hands across the globe in secret laboratories blinded by florescent green dollar signs. Abortion rate has spiked in many nations and talk of mass culling of earths’ population seems to be gaining traction on those who amass most of the worlds’ riches for themselves. Meanwhile, mass hypnosis or fear seems to have closed down any rational human or spiritual response even if the intellect is being manned by dark forces with ill will for humanity..

Scientific data seem to be the new Holy Book for humans to live by though they were made in the likeness of God; a spiritual being. Even commonsense is silenced as those pushing a trans-humanism agenda hide under the cloak of a pandemic to contaminate the vessel especially while remnants sleep. At this moment, mass media distractions have made humans insensitive to the struggles of others. Those who think or even suggest other than the mainstream narratives are being pushed into online tubes through algorithms of AIs and are excluded through invisible censorship or even being silently brutalized through technology even in countries that are touted as beacons of liberty. Since the Corona lock down, many voices have been silently censored from online presence with even sites taken over or cloned.

As an off-shoot of COVID, the swooping up of personal information on the Internet has magnified through phone and email interception during lock down orders. Surveillance have been vamped up while invisible brutality mechanized through the beast system of the internet and satellites have come out of the shadows. Above the noise the real crisis of human manipulation intensifies as high tech genocide is being normalized under the umbrella of Corona and a global defense race.

The mass hysteria on the screen of our television and seats of power serves as needed distractions to hide the take over of earth from above while we are entertained by gadgets and debauchery. Those co-opted into mass human experiments are having their voices drowned out with ongoing allegations and counter allegations at the seat of power. Some targeted (s-targated) groups are systematically tubed on social media to keep ther truth hidden as the evil gain its momentum across the globe.

Christian principles of humility, forgiveness and ‘turning the other cheek’ when offended by others have chattered overnight across the globe. The release of the viral video of  a white police officer kneeling on the neck of a pleading black man until the last breath was squeezed from his lungs opened old wounds that resonated globally to invoke calls for liberation of ‘minority’ groups worldwide. Not only did this event catapulted into a global uprising against the blatant disregard for the life of so called ‘black humans, countless numbers of whites joined these protests in solidarity with oppressed groups. Advocacy for revamping laws that empower police and even non black civilians with mandates to kill and oppress blacks without any accountability or remorse is now widely activated. It is clear that a new level of consciousness and sensibility has swept over nations and leaders including individuals and groups who have benefited from the institutionalized oppression and deception about African and other down trodden groups. How relevant is the Bible today, as the source for instructing the social infrastructures of global societies? I will advance that the Old Testament outlines commonsense guidelines for every aspect of human endeavor. these guidelines based on principles of order and justice would ensure peace, prosperity and good will among humans regardless of man-made boundaries.

The Old Testament and Human Identity

If one should spend time looking at the Old Testament, clear principles to guide relationships at the microcosm and macrocosm levels of nations and the world would reveal themselves in each of its thirty nine books. A quick overview will highlight how human societies and relationships can be healed across familial, racial, judicial, governmental agencies through obedience to divine ordinances that can forge bonds of mutual respect, self worth, power and knowledge base.

As the world is propelled into a new dynamism of trade relationships, travel and a rising consciousness that dismisses the old regime of racial and cultural hegemony, the human element is missing. The image of the police officer posing on the neck of George Floyd like a clueless robot should be enough to support the view that human capacity to empathize or even feel love has been turned off for many people. We are but remnants of who we were before the advancement of this beast system with its insatiable appetite to mediate all human activities. Are we just the remnants of the biblical ‘last days’ in human shells existing in the era of the anti Christ beast system? If we are generally uncaring and callous, is the Bible the missing link that can bring humans back to a level of consciousness where all lives matter and social systems can thrive enough to reconnect with Earth and the Creator thus shifting the destiny of humanity on its rightful path? Where should the internet of things draw its boundary and what is the final chapter for humanity? Need I remind readers that for the last three months, computers have become surrogate teachers and playmates for children. Will soft skills including empathy and tolerance be short changed with long term unnatural interaction among young children? Where are truth and self determination in the chaos from which a contrived order will arise?

A Human Belongs in a Family

Genesis establishes the genealogical foundation of humankind today and relates an account of how God ordained the union of the first male and female to procreate and ‘replenish’ the Earth. Here, the word ‘replenish‘ as used imbues that Earth was established before then destroyed and as such needed to be populated once again. Many online sources state that the Hebrew word for ‘replenish’ and as used during the King James era simply meant ‘fill.’ Regardless of its meaning, according to Genesis, the Adamic race was decreed by God to come together as male and female to populate human life form as we know it. It is in the Garden of Eden that stability within families with a nurturing woman (womb man) and protective male presence were established. The expulsion of the family unit from the garden specified roles of male and female to till the soil and bear children while taming the Earth to sustain humanity. At this juncture, enmity between the seed of the serpent and the woman was spoken into being and we see where to this day, the beast still waits to devour and contaminate the seeds of Adam outside of the divine guidelines laid at the foundation. Today, men through science have handed over the Earth (God’s heart) to the beast with little resistance and much pride. The same allurement and pride used in the garden have raised its head as 1% of the world’s population decides who is worthy of living and participating in Earth’s affairs and how they should participate if allowed.

In Genesis 33, Jacob and Esau reconciled and worked out their grievances to demonstrate that families should keep their bond intact and work through differences. In the natural order, family disagreements should not be resolved through posts and tweets on the internet or at the state level. Families should meet, hug and address disagreements face to face. they should recognize and repair breaches in their lineage as best as possible. Unfortunately, it is difficult for descendants of slaves to know their blood ancestors at the tribal level unless a DNA evaluation is done. The surnames of blacks outside of Africa are mostly linked to the slave master of their ancestors so DNA testing might be the only recourse people of African descents have at their disposal to determine any sense of origin and belonging. However, even giving up ones DNA information to the beast system may become bothersome after the Corona saga is over. It is clear that collecting human specimen seems to be at the core of the response globally, and any query as to this mass intrusion invites virtual gate-keeping and sinister retaliative moves. One fact is certain, there is nothing human about herd thinking or culling population because they dare to think or ask about their lived experiences .

God Delivers His Own

Exodus outlines the divinity of God who intervened to rescue his people from the hands of Pharaoh’s oppression. The deliverance of the Israelite from Egypt and the hosting of God’s indwelling presence within his chosen people have met many roadblocks. The disobedience and murmurings of the Israelite angered God. Their desires to serve other deities and creating graven images were the main triggers for God to turn his back on them many times throughout the wilderness journey and the rest of the Old Testament. Are humans still guilty of putting other gods before their creator? How does God feel about all the graven images that have taken over his place in our hearts? The expansion of the tribal heritage of Israel and their frequent broken relationship with God that led to the enslavement and oppression of God’s chosen people in foreign lands is a common thread or theme in the history of humanity. The seed of disobedience sown in Eden followed humanity to this day. The commandments or divine laws established boundaries to hold mankind responsible for actions linked to carnal desires that can wreck societies, families their spiritual relationship with God. What would happen to nations across the globe if the Mosaic laws in Exodus that tells us how to relate to each other and Yahweh were to be upheld? Would there be need for even a system for policing human behavior? In the United States, groups have been calling for a dismantling of the police, however, if God has been removed from the equation and now the man-made system is being questioned, what would replace this system? Would technology become further invasive and erode the few boundaries that stand between total enslavement in a beast system accommodated through human and computer interface and a militarized control system? No guns or nuclear weapon can liberate humans from such a system. God himself will not intervene since humans in silence and compliance would have made free choice to participate along the way. The scripture reminds us to call upon God while he might still be found. Without fasting and real intersession by those who are not yet tubed, ghost censored online or besieged at home or in body- evil will only gain more traction across the globe. Press through and call evil by its name. Use your given power to cast down bare-faced evil.

Preserving the Holiness of God

Leviticus outlines how the tribe of Levi was ordained by God through Moses to take care of the Ark of the Covenant and God’s sanctuary so as to preserve the holiness of God among the Hebrews. The order of Melchizedek was introduced in Genesis where Abraham brought tithe to the priest of righteousness and was blessed. The Levites as priestly lineage through Jacob’s son Levi were given clear priestly roles and a tithing tradition was established to take care of their needs. In Christianity, the establishment in its stead is the church. With the global Covid lock down, the houses of worship were first lock down causalities alongside the body or the people. church doors have been closed. Since then the gate of hell seem to have been let loose with not only a global arrest against freedom of movement or a global protests that ignored the trigger for the lock down and now more suggestion for further lock downs in response to new Corona upsurge is being sounded. Currently in China where the virus was said to have started, flooding of proportion never seen in recent times has breached dams and washed away people and properties without much concern from the rest of humanity. Further threats of possible dam overflow could see a worsening of the situation. Reports of a 6,4 magnitude earthquake in another part of China hardly made the news. On June 23, a 7.4 earthquake hit Mexico leaving two people dead. These events have been overshadowed by constant update tracking Covid’s deaths and resurrection that geared up on main stream media as soon as the riots have settled. Where is the church in all of this? Has God turned his back because of our lukewarm relationship? In the Old Testament, leaders would call on the Prophets and priests to hear God’s message whenever there is physical turbulence among nations. Back then, what is happening now would be recognized as manifestation that originated from the spiritual realm of God who can speak to and redress problems if his people ‘humble themselves and turn from wickedness.’ Pride rears its ugly head in nations, on television screens and even in the church where self adoration has replaced the glorification of God in many congregations.

Population Census and Demographics

The Book of Numbers establishes the census of the twelve tribes of Israel excluding the Levite males or priests and the selection of an assistant to Moses their leader. The idea of government budded here and continuity through a deputy was demonstrated. The census of the Levites followed thus ordering the priesthood from Aaron’s sons. Censuses are important data to drive decisions about resources. Census should be used for planning and providing services of inclusion

Divine Laws

Deuteronomy revisits the divine laws given to Moses as the foundation for individual behavior towards others and towards God. The manual for dealing with diverse situations were made accessible in print. The book of Joshua introduces the idea of leadership having a successors in waiting.

The idea of a judicial system as a crucial arm of government was established in the book of Judges through to Samuel. God is a God of social order and peace. Our world has been put into disarray as a result of tyranny of colonization. enslavement and displacement of most of the world’s people who have been forced to the fringes of society and unto dunghills of ghettos, slums. townships and prisons while those who amass affluence through exploits of one kind or the other seem hell bent on using their resources to gratify every whim and fancy of the mind regardless of the deprivation they have left behind.

Kings and their kingdoms were established to bring order and provide services once the children of Israel were counted Prophets and kings worked together to make important decisions for nations. Hosea to Malachi accounts for twelve Books of Prophets during the reign of noteworthy kings of the Old Testament. Do our leaders seek God’s voice before making important decisions that impact nations and the lives of people with physical and spiritual needs. Are they able to separate religious customs from having a true relationship and open communication with God? The kings of the Old testament who found fellowship in God carried the will of God as they governed. They were able to establish peaceful and stable nations over lengthy periods when compared to those leaders who followed other gods and their self interests.

The old Testament has a rich foundation of how to establish order and organization in every aspect of society including the temple of worship, the nutrition of mankind, the fashion worn by each gender and even how and when to till the land. While embracing the efficiency of technology in solving the physical problems of our earth, it is to the foundations established in the Old testament that we should look to establish a peaceful and stable world where the spirit of mankind can thrive in each earthly experience.

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